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about me

I love a good challenge – and my day-to-day is no exception.

So it should be no surprise I’m the first child, Type A, Leo and social butterfly. I’ll admit, there are times where i’ve gotten myself caught out trying to do and have it all!

I often wondered where the tools were to help me navigate a busy schedule and live a rich and meaningful life in the process. 

The traditional concept of work-life-balance just doesn’t make sense for us modern women. Work is a part of our lives, and our lives are so much more than just ‘not work’. Nobody was speaking our language.

So, I decided to set that straight. 

I started The Balance Theory in 2020 as a platform to start the conversation around finding this sense of balance in the topics and areas that matter to the modern woman: mindset, female health, career, growth, and self awareness.

So if you’re like me and looking for practical and personal tools and insights to help find your unique balance; you can tune in weekly on your favourite streaming platforms (and even request guests and topics!)

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